Giving with a Purpose

A toy isn’t just a toy at Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System. Toys here are teaching tools, comfort items, and even therapy equipment.
Help us by donating today and make the lives of children and families here at Children’s Hospital a little more joyful!


Presented By

Virtual Toy Drive 2018

Children's Hospital Community Advisory Council

As part of our service this year, the Children's Hospital Community Advisory Council is asking friends, family, and neighbors to join us in raising $15,000 for pediatric patients and families between now and Jan. 5.

You're welcome to give a gift in support of the whole council here, or you can click on a council member's name in the team roster to give in support of him or her.

By making a donation in support of our Toy Drive, you help provide items that provide joy and comfort to a pediatric patient. These items include distraction items like books, toys and iPads as well as comfort items like stuffed animals, blankets and music. Research shows that children are able to get well faster when we can provide these comforts and normal activities while in our care, yet many hospital systems do not have the budget to provide these items. That’s where you come in! Make a gift to our Virtual Toy Drive and know that you have helped make an experience better for a child served at GHS Children’s Hospital.

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