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Scope out the many great gift items for our hospitalized children. Like kids, our gift items come in all colors, shapes and sizes. It’s fast, easy and gives our hospitalized children just what they need. Take a brief paws to help our pediatric patients.


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Where did my toy drive go?

Our new website requires that we reset the goal/campaign each year. We reset the site in January and it's quick and easy to re-register your toy drive. You will still have access to your list of previous donors and teammates so that you can grow your fundraising each year! You can reference this How To Reactivate your Toy Drive Guide or contact if you need help. When you are ready, go to Start A Toy Drive on the home page or click here and follow the prompts to complete the registration process.


Can I still give in support of a specific person?

Yes! Use the search function on the homepage to search for a specific person or team that you want to support. Once you enter their name, click search and their unique donation page should appear. You can also watch this video on How To Shop On Behalf Of An Individual Or Team.


How do I support a specific department?

To support a specific department, use the shop by department function on the website. From there, can you select which department you want to support. One important thing to note is that some items are needed for multiple departments, such as children’s books. On these specific items, before adding the item to your cart you will be prompted to select which department you would like to support from a drop down menu. Once you have selected the department you want to support, then you will be able to add the item to you cart.  


How do I make a direct, monetary donation?

To make a direct monetary donation to be used for the hospital's greatest need, please click the link below to be taken to our donation page:

Donation page