Race Against Cancer

Join us in the race against cancer to raise funds for local cancer research and surivorship programs through our 10th annual Run4Life 5K walk/run. 


2017 Run4Life

Caine's Army

Caine's Army, Hope life finds you well and it has been eleven years since we began Caine's Army to help communicate how Caine was doing in his battle with cancer. This year marks the tenth Anniversary of the annual Run4Life 5K run and 1K walk which began in Caine's honor. We are trying to have a record year in fund raising for this event which benefits cancer research and patient treatments. The committe has made me an Honorary Chair of this years event, in the hopes that we could revive the Caine's Army email list to generate support as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Run4Life. I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Gluck, who was Caine's oncologist on a recent trip to Greenville in late August. It is incredible the strides he has made as a beneficiary of the funds raised by this event. Greenville is now "ground zero" for some enormouse strides in targeted genome cancer treatment that will change the landscape of future cancer care. So thank you to the thousands of you who continue to support the cause... you are making a difference! I spent some time reviewing some of the old emails sent out for Caine's Army. I had about 400 people on my original list. And those 400 had lists that shared the information with many others. Caine's courage during his fight was inspirational and serves as a roll model in the face of adversity. In the end, I think we learned to not delay saying "thank you" to more people, and saying "I love you" more to people we love. I believe there were, and are, many more lasting embrases that are shared, as a witness to his fight. His caring smile and "can do" spirit continue today. Please join me in supporting this years event with a generous gift to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Run4Life and hopefully many of you can join us on the starting line on Nov. 4th! I loved finding these statements from one of the emails back in July of 2006: What Cancer Cannot Do It cannot kill FRIENDSHIP It cannot suppress MEMORIES It cannot silence COURAGE It cannot invade the SOUL It cannot conquer the SPIRIT It cannot destroy PEACE It cannot remove JOY It cannot corrode FAITH It cannot shatter HOPE It cannot cripple LOVE It cannot steal eternal LIFE So rally up Caine's Army! We need your support! Please share this with friends:o)... You are appreciated. Ted

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