Race Against Cancer

Join us in the race against cancer to raise funds for local cancer research and surivorship programs through our 10th annual Run4Life 5K walk/run. 


About Our Organization


The Run4Life event benefits cancer research, including the Caine Halter Lung Cancer Research Fund, and patient support through the Cancer Institute of Greenville Health System and the Cancer Society of Greenville County . Proceeds from the 2016 race will fund GHS Institute for Translational Oncology (ITOR) projects, specific lung cancer initiatives, as well as survivorship programs offered through the Cancer Society of Greenville County. 


Caine Halter Fund

ITOR's Caine Halter Lung Cancer Research Fund initiatives will continue with the race proceeds by establishing a multi-year fund ensuring lung cancer patient tissue profiling occurs at no cost to the family during their care at the Cancer Institute. Mapping of the human genome, progressive understanding of biologic cellular pathways, identification of genetic markers and proteomics, and discovered efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents have brought forth new and exciting targeted therapies. The Caine Halter Lung Cancer Research Fund will help make this possible. As a result, ITOR in Caine’s memory will continue to drive the search for the next generation of cancer drugs using a broad and diverse array of patient tissue and treatment options.


ITOR Infusion Space Upfit For Local Families

Based on ITOR’s history of exemplary patient care and timely clinical data collection, 2015 brought 17 new clinical trials and collaborations with five new pharmaceutical companies in the Clinical Research Unit (CRU). While this is excellent for our area Upstate families that stay home for care, the reality is that it's placing dramatic pressure on the space of the unit and the families visiting ITOR. Of the newly opened ITOR CRU clinical trials in 2015, four of the studies were available for lung cancer patients in the Upstate.

Trends in 2016 have continued with the unit experiencing limited exam room and infusion chair space. Patients can be in the chair for extended periods of time depending on the trial in which they are participating. The infusion area is dramatically lagging behind in comfort and shear space required for world-class care. In response to the growing patient volumes, GHS operation dollars have been used to grow staffing including adding a new physician, nurse, and front line staff,  but the physical space needs to expand NOW! A portion of the Nov. 5, 2016 event will help fund an upfit in ITOR’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU).


2016 ITOR CRU Upfit will include:

New and Expanded ITOR patient exam rooms:

  • Three new CRU exam rooms for a total of six rooms
  • Two new private beds
  • New uplifiting artwork and amenities for the families receiving care in the CRU

Expanded ITOR infusion area:

  • Four new patient infusion chairs for a total of 13 chairs in the CRU


Previous race proceeds have funded local projects like lung cancer assay validation, lung cancer personalized medicine projects, and a lung cancer stem cell target identification pilot project.

The 2015 Run4Life proceeds helped fund a research project involving Ex vivo 3D Drug Response Profiling of Non‐Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Metastatic to the Brain by developing a laboratory test that determines the optimal chemotherapy or targeted therapy in patients with NSCLC with brain metastasis. This project will likely run through race day 2016!