Decade Two of Racing Against Cancer!

It's a race against cancer. Will you take to the water to help us raise funds for cancer research and survivorship programs right here at home? Register now to take the plunge today.

Dragon Boat Upstate Festival 2018

Yellow Warrior Wear

You may be wondering about the name Yellow Warrior Wear.  Well, the name represents the journey of cancer. This journey takes patients, families, and loved ones from the depths of fear to the heights of their courage and fight. It takes people from being yellow to being a warrior…

It was suggested that patients don’t just lay around and wait for something to happen. Rather they fight. They fight from the time that they receive the diagnosis all the way to the victory of a cure. Those that pass also fight. They fight for their families. They fight for their loved ones. They fight for their dignity. For this reason, “Warrior” was chosen and “Survivor” was abandoned. We have raised nearly $250,000 for sarcoma patients and their families. These families are actively in the midst of battle with their cancers and they should not have to battle their debts as well. These families have come to depend upon our help for their rent, their mortgages, their utilities…essentially any of the costs associated with simply living in our society today.

Although we are very strong supporters of research and the cures of tomorrow, we give no money to that research. We quite simply help patients today. Yellow Warrior Wear is an evolution in our fundraising efforts. Instead of donations, supporters now have the ability to receive amazing scrubs that are not only comfortable, stylish, and functional, they are also personal. Yellow Warrior Wear is not a new clothing company that gives a portion of its proceeds, profits, revenue, or whatever else to charity. We are the charity. Every item of clothing that you purchase is purchased for the charity. Every dollar of profit that we make is made for the charity. You may have noticed that we are not a .com company with a .com web address. This is because at Yellow Warrior Wear we don’t think of ourselves as a company. We are an organization created to help patients deal with the financial hardships that fighting cancer brings.

Our mission is simple: to touch the lives of as many people with this rare and often deadly form of cancer as possible. For that reason, 100% of our profits are given to Sarcoma Warriors, Inc. in order to help patients deal with the financial hardships that their fight against cancer brings.  

We are proud to partner with the future of healthcare and paddle with the medical students at USC School of Medicine Greenville. Just like Yellow Warrior Wear, they realize the fundamental truth that the patient is at the heart of treatment, not the disease.  Our efforts must go towards the people in need, and therefore we paddle together in solidarity for all the warriors out there!

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