Decade Two of Racing Against Cancer!

It's a race against cancer. Will you take to the water to help us raise funds for cancer research and survivorship programs right here at home? Register now to take the plunge today.

2017 Dragon Boat

Hillcrest Cancer Spankers

Hillcrest Cancer Spankers

This is Why

"The Hillcrest Cancer Spankers’" Row…

Amanda… "One of Our Own" 

Last year Med-Surg participated in The Dragon Boat Upstate Festival for the 1st Time. Many of our 2016 team members participated because they had been directly affected by someone who is currently in remission, fighting the battle of cancer, or have lost someone to cancer. Because we were all so fulfilled by contributing in this manner, we have decided to do it again, BUT this year with a purpose-"One of Our Own".

Meet Amanda. She is one of our new techs that work on the Med-Surg unit here at Hillcrest Hospital. This year we are blessed to be able to share Amanda’s story because she is truly the reason why we row!!! At the tender age of 18, Amanda’s life changed all by one simple MRI. Please take a moment and read Amanda’s story to know why we, "The Hillcrest Cancer Spankers" Row, and consider making a donation for the cause.

After 27 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and a year of hospitalizations the day I walked out of Palms West Hospital for the last time was the day my new birthday was marked on the calendar, January 18th 2008.

I remember the ride home so vividly. I remember feeling in limbo, somewhere between the hell of chemotherapy, hospital stays and agonizing bone pain and the combo platter of relief and fear of recurrence that is remission. I’ve long made it past the 5 year mark when the odds of recurrence for the kind of aggressive Osteosarcoma I had the one that had stuck a tumor the size of a golf ball on my iliac crest dropped precipitously.

Earlier this year, I had my routine CT scan, my oncologist said that we would continue the annual scans, and if I feel fine, I probably am fine. We take blood tests for tumor markers just in case, of course. We're also discussing new surgical options with many ortho specialists. I'm anxious because this fight will never really be over. But today, my platter has more relief on it than fear. I have a greater sense of calm, I still live with the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head, fearful that the next scan will bring with it bad news.

Life is so beautiful, so precious. I fully intend on making every day count. I look forward to everyday I'm granted to spend with my family. I also look forward to striving to be the best wife, mother and nurse for as long as I'm fortunate enough to be on this earth.


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