Decade Two of Racing Against Cancer!

It's a race against cancer. Will you take to the water to help us raise funds for cancer research and survivorship programs right here at home? Register now to take the plunge today.

Fundraising Ideas & Incentives

Fundraising Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the top two non-sponsored teams at the event. To be eligible, you may not be a corporate sponsored team and you must raise a minimum of $10,000.  (The deadline for winning the below prizes is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18):

Fundraising Prizes:

Prime Tent Location in Tent Village

Catered lunch for 25

Host A Fundraiser!

From car washes to restaurant nights you can raise additional funds for your Dragon Boat team! Tell us about your upcoming event and we will promote it on our website, on social media and in upcoming Dragon Boat emails! 


Upcoming Events

Email fundraising opportunities to Louise Mariani.


How will we meet our fundraising goal?

We'll reach it with ALL of you!  Specifically - focus on the following: 

  • Have FUN. 
  • Find Corporate Sponsors and get them involved.
  • Each team lifts performance to $10,000.00 on average in 2017. (Based on 2016 average of $9,100/per team).
  • Attend Team Trainings and get helpful hints to support your teams.   
  • Finally, tell your own team's story in your fight against cancer and why you paddle.  

Fundraising 101 Tips & Ideas:

Tell your story & personalize your web page. When you finish the registration process, you will be directed to your Participant Center. Personalization pays off! Your story is unique, and your words and photo let others know why you are fighting cancer with the Dragon Boat Upstate Festival. Make sure you set your goal so people can see your progress!  

Spread The News.  Social media and the built in email communication tools on your personal fundraising page are great tools to help you share your cause with others! Log into your Participant Center to access email templates and social media sharing tools. Send reminders and progress updates. And most importantly, don't forget to send a thank you email or letter to each and every donor!

Ask Everyone.  Ask for donations for all the people you have supported for various charitable events in the past. In addition to friends, family and colleagues, seek out restaurants, salons and other businesses you visit and ask for donations. When making the ask, provide tangible examples for how much your donors can give. For example, ask a donor to "Give up one nice dinner out on the town and donate $40" or "Give up your Starbucks coffee for one week and donate $20."

Use food. People like to eat! If you work in an office environment that has more than 15 people, set up a snack bar, hold a chili cook off or bake sale or even host a breakfast/lunch for a donation.

Request Matching Funds.  Many companies have a corporate matching program. If so, this could double your money! Your $100 donation could turn into $200!

Download our Fundraising 101 Doc